We provide complete service of process of all documents such as summons & complaints, small claims, cross-complaints, writs, garnishments, bank levies, record and personal subpoenas, etc. We utilize only registered and bonded professional process servers to serve your process. This ensures that your work is done professionally and is done right the first time. We use only the best servers in the industry that have the knowledge, experience and training to handle any assignment imaginable.

Our process department has the staff and the ability to meet your process serving needs. No longer will you have to make additional phone calls to find a firm in another city or state. Through our network of affiliates, we an provide service to virtually anywhere in the United States and Internationally. We use only those firms that meet our high standards of professionalism to serve your process.

Our firm specializes in the service of writs and difficult assignments. We have successfully collected over $6,000,000.00 for our clients over the last year by serving writs. We can coordinate these services to your exact requirements, and can even serve multiple locations simultaneously. We have an elite group of process servers that are highly skilled in completing difficult assignments and services on celebrities and other hard-to-reach individuals.

Service of Process Rates

Basic local routine service of process Call for Prices
Basic routine service of process in a rural area Call for Prices
Special handling service of process Call for Prices
Levies, writs and wage garnishments Call for Prices
Additional documents served/same time, same place. Call for Prices
Rush fees, per document, per service Call for Prices
Miscellaneous charges . . . as incurred
Stakeout required to serve process. Call for Prices

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