Craig Fallenberg, P. I. Discovery Facilitation (Litigation Support/Document Production) facilities provide full microform capabilities. Available services include original source document microfilming, document production, duplicating and hard copy output. In addition the department’s staff can provide all necessary services for the development and implementation of case management, indexing and retrieval systems, regardless of the location and volume of the documents involved.

Our company operations are fully computerized with state-of-the-art information management systems to provide clients with timely status reports on pending assignments.

We provide Document Reproduction around the clock, 365 days a year, to assist in meeting client requirements.

Fee: For complete information on these services and charges, please see our schedule below.

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Photocopy Department Services and Charges

On-Site and Off-Site Document Reproduction Medical and Business Records Copying

Basic Set-Up Call for Prices
Trip Charge (depending upon location) Call for Prices
Rush Service/Special Handling Call for Prices
Per page charge (minimum, 40 pages) Call for Prices
Preparation of subpoenas and notices Call for Prices
Telephone or Fax requests Call for Prices
Deposition Offices  (plus filming costs, if applicable) Call for Prices
Check Charge Call for Prices
Extra Sets (per page) Call for Prices

*Depending upon efforts required


Document Production Department Services and Charges

Discovery Facilitation Department Litigation Support and Document Reproduction

Provides a full range of services to facilitate discovery. Depending on client requirements, this department will provide necessary staff and equipment to review, catalog, copy and index entire document collections, presenting you with organized and indexed sets of copies. Review of documents by requester’s staff in their offices, copying permits, and unrestricted and repeated review of all documents eliminates the risk of not copying a document later considered important, and provides prompt access to additional copies of any number of pages or documents.

Project or Assignment Staffing Charges

Staffing requirements vary according to client requirements and assignment parameters. Depending on the specific assignment (or series of assignments), one, some, or all of the following of Craig Fallenberg, P. I. Photocopy Service personnel may be used:

Coordinator/Supervisor Call for Prices
Support Staff Call for Prices

Other Services and Charges

Camera Set-Up No Charge
Filming with Numbering/Identifiers, 600 pages/hour thru-put. Includes film “Library” and storage/maintenance if required
Extraordinary preparation/reassembly of source documents
Call for Prices


Includes initial set to requester for control and utilization
Call for Prices


Film Quality Check/Control
Hard Copy Quality Check/Control
No Charge
Hard Copy Page Rates
Rates for first and subsequent sets vary according to assignment
parameters (e.g., vikynem bynber if sets, etc.)
Quoted by Project
Replication (First/Late page stapling) Call for Prices
Folder/Labeling (Plus cost of folders & materials)
Film Duplicating (16 mm)
Call for Prices
Silver Dupe (for future reproductions purposes, etc.) Call for Prices
Diazo Dupe (for viewing purposes, etc.) Call for Prices
Label/boxing Actual Cost
Cartridge loading Call for Prices
Cartridges (current catalog price) Actual Cost
Microfiche (dependent upon form/size/process) Call for Prices
Selected Item/Specific Page requests Call for Prices
Extraordinary Services – Depending on efforts required. Call for Prices
Drilling/Punching/Fastening/Dividing Call for Prices
Vello (reassembly of source documents)
No Charge
Reproduction copies (per binding) Call for Prices
Spiral or Comb (per binding) Call for Prices



No charge for pick-up/delivery of source documents or delivery of reproduction sets if destination(s) within service area.

Shipping (out of area by common carrier) Actual Cost
Direct Expenses (parking, telephone, travel, lodging, per diem, etc.) Actual Cost