Our asset search reports are prepared based on information found in our search databases and other information developed through investigator inquiries, etc. Typical uses of these reports are to assist in the recovery of judgments, child support obligations, fines, restitution orders, and other lawful financial obligations; to evaluate settlement offers and possible business relationships; and to determine the economic viability of litigation. The information provided in these search reports is for use as “background information” only. No report is acceptable for use as an exhibit or as evidence. It is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain evidential verification of all information in these reports, if such a need exists. The research and investigative techniques used to obtain information are conducted in a highly-confidential manner, and in full compliance with federal and state financial privacy laws.

All information provided to the client shall be held in strict confidence, shall never be reproduced, revealed, or made accessible to any other party, and shall never be revealed, under any circumstances, to the subject of the inquiry in any manner or form.

These search reports and financial inquiries have proven, in many cases, to be a cost-effective tool for attorneys and law enforcement agencies to recover assets and obtain more detailed information on the search subject. However, no warranty of any nature is provided by Craig Fallenberg, P. I. to the client, or to any third party, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information revealed in the report. Information is obtained from a multitude of databases, record-keeping systems, and other sources over which Craig Fallenberg, P. I. and/or its affiliates have no control. These are fallible electronic and human resources, and there is no guarantee of any kind as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, availability of records, or to the fitness for the purpose(s) of the client in obtaining such report(s). We suggest that you confirm pricing, availability, and turn-around times before requesting a search. Searches are performed strictly in accordance and conformity with the search product descriptions found in this catalog, subject to all limitations, disclaimers, restrictions, etc. found herein. No change, revision, enhancement, or alteration is permitted with regard to the search product components and descriptions unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both the client and Craig Fallenberg, P. I., and are subject to any additional charges or revisions of price that may be necessary for additional services rendered.

Search Coverage

Our searches are conducted using a variety of research and investigative techniques, including database searches, telephone inquiries, contacts with confidential sources, etc. Many of the databases used in our research have been developed for our own internal use, or they are specialized limited-access databases designed for the investigative trade. In general, there are not “public access” databases, and in the vast majority of cases, you would not be able to locate the same information through conventional “web sites,” etc. While our search techniques have been instrumental in identifying billions of dollars of debtor assets, we cannot guarantee that a search will identify every possible asset or bank account that may exist. Every effort is made to uncover asset information on your behalf; however, due to the limitations and restrictions detailed above, no reputable asset search firm would ever guarantee that a particular search would be successful in identifying virtually 100% of the assets in question. Furthermore, when conducting “liquid asset” searches, such as bank accounts and securities, it may be impossible to obtain current account balances, or even an indication of average account balances. These searches are conducted with the understanding that there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain specific account balances, average account balances, etc. Turn-Around Times Your search request is processed as promptly as possible. The turn-around times listed are general estimates, based on typical searches in the past. Your search may take a longer, or a shorter, period of time to be completed, based on available information, response time from our information sources and suppliers, volume of search requests, etc. Turn-around times are quoted in business days, which does not include weekends, major holidays, etc. While we strive to complete searches promptly, and within the general turn-around times quoted, there is no guarantee of a specific completion date.

Searches are Non-Cancelable

Search requests are processed immediately upon receipt, and incoming search requests are immediately assigned to one of our investigators or researchers. As our staff and/or affiliates will devote time and facilities to your request, and incur search expenses, database access fees, etc., searches are not subject to cancellation with a refund of the search fee. While we can accept your request to cancel a search, it is done solely with the understanding that the entire search fee remains due and payable to Craig Fallenberg, P. I., and that there is absolutely no refund of the search fee under any circumstances.